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November 9th, 2011, 16:49
My paladin helped CM's fighter Kerriabaka get a tier 2 greensteel greatsword. We did it from her very first Shroud run. When people heard it was her first run they gave her shards and ingredients from the run. CM and I had created the blank beforehand and I gave her some small and medium ingredients. So we just needed the shards.

Using the Shroud crafting planner makes this fun and easy. Now Kerriabaka must run Vale quests for her new signet stone and hp goggles.

I think getting flagged for Shroud gives us a chance to craft really nice items so we should think about that. Azraelck and I already have tier 2 in many GS items and can help with small and medium ingredients collecting from our Shroud runs

We could help Dteowner with ingredients for Botdu and Wouldii. Even Phuury could benefit from getting a GS weapon before TR'ing. We can help Jm too with Sherrille, Mariannelle and Brialle. We could even help Corwin's Reywindd and Corwindd, but it means he must be willing to run the Shroud.

Ingredients can be traded, but shards of power must be acquired from the Shroud. They bind to character.

I think our guild toons benefit a lot from getting GS items. It means we can do the high level quests without dying. We can join raids etc.

High level raid pug's are actually very organized so I propose we try to organize Shroud runs on Friday with guild members and pug for the rest slots. That would give Corwin a chance to get the shards and we can trade in the chests to other guildies and not have to roll for shards.

Cm can tell you about all the fun having a powerful GS weapon for Kerriabaka. All of you in the guild getting flagged for the Shroud should get the benefit of getting greensteel items too. One reason for being in a guild is that we can help one another for the ingredients farming. This is similar to what we did for the Sora Kell set, Mire set etc.
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