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November 9th, 2011, 16:16
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
Does this mean it has hardcore mode ror roleplayers that want more?

There should be a setting for rpg in rpg game:

mild rpg
vanilla rpg
chunky rpg
hardcore rpg
I beleive the gradiation goes something more like:

Broadcast (RPG aspects reduced to QT events and minigames)
Cable (with "RPG elements")
Soft-core ("RPG elements" and conversation options)
Hardcore (divergent character and plot developement + increased complexity)

*The game - regardless of what it is - deletes itself and is replaced with copies of Gothic I & II, The Witcher Enhanced, and Eschalon I & II locked into the hardest difficulty modes (for the ones which actually offer them). The installer will add the enhancement of an aggressive launcher which renders the computer otherwise useless until all games are completed to its satisfaction as well as a commentary track that berates you in German (with helpful subtitles) for being pathetic and coddled by puny AAA titles with "RPG elements." Whenever the player dies in either Eschalon title, the commentary will further mock them by reminding them that they were included as light relaxation for the player's benefit and are not even German.

I would like to apologize for the shameless and libelous mischaracterization of all things German as employed this post.
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