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November 9th, 2011, 17:30
Here are some examples of nice items you can craft with Shroud ingredients.

Spellpoint GS goggles / bracers / belt or whatever item you want to wear:
Tier 1: Wizardry VI (150 SP (double for favored soul and sorcerer), +1 wis skill
Tier 2: +50 sp, +2 wis skills, summon dense stone earth elemental 2/day
Tier 3: +100 sp, +3 wis skills, earthgrab guards (enemies hitting you can be earthgrabbed)

That item would be excellent for Botdu and Reywindd. You can swap out + to wis skills with + to any other skill, but then the side benefits are different. If you go for cha you can get raise dead 1/day and disruption guard vs undead and so on. You just pick what you prefer in the planner.

Hitpoint GS goggles / bracers / gloves / belt or whatever you can wear:
Tier 1: +10 hp, +1 con skills
Tier 2: +15 hp, +2 con skills, stoneskin 2/day
Tier 3: +20 hp, +3 con skills heavy fortification, +5 protection

That item is great for all character types. You get a stoneskin clickie, heavy fort, +45 hp and +5 protection in addition to +6 con skills (useful for casters and monks because it's used for concentration)
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