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November 9th, 2011, 17:42
I've seen it on a lot of 'lost games' lists. Amazing that the thing went gold, yet was completely lost. You would think someone would have saved a copy if it was actually completed.

I didn't like U8 at all. Part of the reason was that my PC couldn't play it when it came out, then when I finally had a PC that could play it, I just didn't like the controls and such. Probably should have given it more of a try though. I think one problem was that I tend not to like dark games. I like bright games that cheer me up playing them. The whole thing doesn't have to be bright of course.

I still haven't finished U6 Project, but when I do, I was thinking I might run through U7 1&2 again. If I ever get that far, I might need to play U8 finally too!

Strangely, Ultima V was always my favorite game and it is anything but bright and cheery. I guess I just didn't notice due to the graphics!

I wish the guy on the link in the OP would finish his series, I really want to read what he has to say on the Worlds of Ultima games.

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