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November 9th, 2011, 18:11
Here is a synopsis of what to expect inside the Shroud.

The Shroud consists of 5 parts. At the end of each part you will get a rest and resurrection shrine plus 2 chests which contain loot, shards of power and ingredients.

Very important: Do NOT hit any of the altars in any part. If you do you trigger the next part and if you do it prematurely then other PC's haven't rested, looted etc. That is the #1 mistake newbies do so I mention it upfront. The raid leader will hit the altars when the group is ready.

Part 1: Gauntlet
You need to stop the invasion from Shavarath by destroying 14 portals that spawn
Casters deal with the portal keepers (implosing, wail of the Banshee etc.) while the fighters hit the portals (smiting and construct bane weapons is best. Otherwise good or holy).

Part 1 is actually very easy and a nice introduction to the raid. The threat from the portal keepers is little.

End reward is 2 chests. One can contain shard of power and both can contain small crafting ingredients. Altar of invasion is here too (can craft tier 1 upgrade)

Part 2: PacMan
PC's spawn in the 4 corners of a maze 4 Shararath bosses spawn in the center of the maze near a crystal and these need to be killed at the same time and crystal destroyed before the boss dead bodies get back to the crystal to respawn.

The trick here is to separate the bosses and prep (bring them down to 10% hp) them before you kill them all at nearly the same time. Boss mobs behave differently and you need to alter the strategy to which ones you pull
1: Bearded devil, Orthon or Lion
2: Fire elemental or Earth elemental
3: Gnoll or Troll
4: Troglodyte, Kobold or Orc

The raid leader will tell what to do. An often used strategy is to first meet up in the south center and kill all trash mobs there. It's a big no-no to move into the center because that starts the chase so PC's move along the edge to the south center and gather there. A good advise is to just follow the others who spawn in the same corner as you.

After the trash is killed then one PC is given the task to go to the center to start pulling the bosses and tell who they are. Then the elemental is pulled to the southeast and the other 3 to the northeast. The point is to get some distance between the kill area and the center so the monsters spend more time to move back in dead mode to the center to respawn. When all monsters are out of the center a caster is sent to the center to keep the crystal firewalled or whatever. Part 2 is a bit more tricky, but not too hard. The worst that can happen is that a boss is killed prematurely and you need to let the bosses respawn to full strength before you try again.

End reward is 2 chests. One can contain shard of power and both can contain small crafting ingredients.
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