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November 9th, 2011, 18:29
Part 3: Frogger
You will be teleported to 1 of 12 rooms with puzzles. The good news about part 3 is that there is no fights in here. All you will meet is the Sharavath blades moving on the circular hall linking up the puzzle rooms.

In order to exit your room you need to solve the puzzle. The puzzle consists of tiles in a pattern (3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or circular). You need to light all tiles. If you jump on a tile you invert the tile and all adjacent tiles. So the trick is to see the pattern to get all lit. 3x3 and circular is rather easy. You can use the Shroud puzzle solver to get these done. Usually you need from 2-4 jumps to solve them. 4x4 is not too tough either if you have the solver. You need about 3-7 jumps. 5x5 is the hard one and you need maybe 10-13 jumps.

So my advise is to load the shroud puzzle solver and try for yourself to learn how to edit it to match what you see and then click solve to see where you need to jump. If you get a 4x4 or 5x5 puzzle you could type that you need help with 4x4, north 5x5 or southeasth 5x5. Then others will unlock the door and get to you to solve it for you. You can even ask for help for the 3x3 or circular if you like. Whatever you do you have to know it's better to ask for help than trying to solve the puzzle without having a clue what you need to do.

The reason is what's called the dreaded wall. After a fixed amount of time a wall starts 9 o'clock and move clockwise. Everyone caught by the wall is killed. There is a safe room in the south center (6 o'clock) to stay while the wall passes in the south. Once the wall has done one complete circle it will spawn again, but this time as 2 walls. So you need to solve the puzzles within a few minutes.

What do you do when you're out of the puzzle room? We need to purify each puzzle room with water from the safe area in the south center. This area must be opened by destroying the crystals about the entrance to it. Then you move to the head at the top to gather holy water and run to a similar head in each puzzle room. and click on the head. That purifies the room.

Very important: Do NOT put purified water on a head in a room with an unsolved puzzle.

The reason we purify the puzzle rooms is because once we have purified all 12 then 2 bonus chests will spawn in the water below big head in the safe room. One of these chests can contain greater shards of power and both can contain medium ingredients.

End reward from the 2 final chests at the altar and rest shrine is greater shards of power and medium ingredients. An altar of subjugation is here (tier 2 crafting).

Near the part 3 end portal you will also see a vendor who sells depleted energy cells you can charge with putting in depleted cells with weapons in one of the 3 altars. High energy cells require +8 weapons or better (look in upper right corner of item description). Medium cells require +6 and Low cells require +4.
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