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November 9th, 2011, 21:49
Originally Posted by tolknaz View Post
Character sprites are one thing, but as far as backgrounds go Infinity engine games simply mop the floor with everything that was out at the time. Maybe only Commandos games came close. Take your tilebased Diablo and stick it where the sun doesn't shine, because it looks fugly compared to IE.
Backgrounds look great in BG2, I have never denied that. However I am controlling characters not the background, I happen to prefer beautiful characters and less beautiful backgrounds in terms of immersion. I've enjoyed looking at the backgrounds in BG2. I believe planescape torment used the same engine, and the character graphics there are really good, it cannot even be compared to BG2 because of such a superior quality, too bad they didn't make a BG game with that quality of characters.

Also I don't cliam phantasy star to be better games than BG I merely placed a screenshot to make a point about the character art.
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