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November 10th, 2011, 20:07

"Tell them to leave me alone!"

Peekaboo is a psychological horror game lasting roughly 20-30 minutes or less. You play as James, a freelance journalist hired to go on out to the Halloway Mansion to write a ghost story. The Halloways never seemed to leave the mansion and many speculate the family was hiding something. James of course didn't want to write another article on organic foods so he takes the job and a cab to Haven, where the Halloway Mansion lies in a decrepit state.

There is no combat in Peekaboo, instead the game focuses on puzzles for it's gameplay. However it should be known that you can die, in 9 unique ways if you wish to find them all. The story is one that requires you to piece information together and Peekaboo allows you to create your own timeline of the events in the game. Of course one thing isn't mentioned but I suppose is hinted at: Halloway = Halloween. Just keep that holiday in mind as to perhaps make you less confused character wise.

James is actually pretty much not characterized in the game. He's relatively distant from others, the odd ball of the majority, and perhaps cold himself. In fact, maybe there's interpretation to be had here. Though I'm probably just pulling stuff out my bum.


*A quick psychological horror game. My first attempt anyway.

*9 unique ways to die (this is debatable as a feature).

*Voice acting done for one character by me. It's recommended to boost your volume a bit or you may be unable to hear it.

*In-game set pieces/immersive eventing. Parallel process events are uses to better present psychological scares and set pieces should get the blood flowing a bit. No pop-out scares.

This game contains drug reference, alcohol reference, sexual themes (no nudity), and blood.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?8uaie242xkqrkxn - 71.18 MB

Credits: None. All non-rtp graphics were either made by me or (regarding Jame's sprite) in a generator. Basically I just made any blood you see.

Created in RPG Maker VX.
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