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Default Cleril Calamity Studios: Words - Updated Dec 15th - Final Patch For This Release

November 10th, 2011, 20:18
Final patch for now, songs weren't playing when they needed to, things were broken, game should be working 100% in this release.


Concept: Take literary elements from English and make that into combat! Add in a story not about saving the big bag world and a custom rock/piano sountrack. You've got "Words."[/center]

Story: Four soon-to-be hunters, Metoh (you), Disu (a butch), Bole (a clown), and Ling (the healer) are lied to by someone they loved to hear tall tales from. Told that there was just one book, The Book of Life, which held such amazing power, and they were deceived. Ironically, the one who lied to them died that same bed time story night. They were saved by one of those with the power of a Book by the murderous bandit. It was then that they learned, there was no Book of Life, but instead just Books. Books which caused sane people to murder and maim for their power. Books that would make neither legends or heroes, just humans. Humans which with the books, could do extraordinary feats, and suffer from the constant fear of being killed for their power.

However these hunters are graced by the presence of the hunting inudstry. There's one market, featuring hosts upon hosts of hunting parties, made up of tons of hunters. These four individualists cannot compete, their pay (by the same company, as their location has a tiny market) is minimal, and their employer, Rolando, quite the stubborn mustached man.

On one hunt, the four travelled into a cave, and inside they soon found four books. They were books like any other, but they were theirs for the taking. Each person forms their book as they like, with powers they pick, and choose. With that power they could do as they wished, or be killed for it. Grave events occured on their way back home, they soon had to make a new life, not as hunters, but as a lost group. There are no destinies here, no right or wrongs, just them, their books, and the rest of their days….Tick, tock, tick, tock.

There is no saving the world here, no heroes. If you consider yourself such then by all means that is our little secret. How will you shape the world though? That, is up to you.

None of the above set in stone. Not all details given.

Main Characters:

Metoh: The leader of the group, having the most focused attention in the heat of the hunt. His personality isn't set in stone, but it can't be melded to your whim fully. His skill tree is Irony.

Spoiler – Betrayed Life

Disu: A butch, though not afraid to let the world know she does indeed have breasts. She's tough, in fact she's the strongest of the crew. she prefers to move on quickly and be done with whatever task is needed. Though more often she prefers to just leave people to their tidings. She has a little sister, who suffers from a disease that she doesn't talk about with anyone. Fatal illness? Only Disu knows. Often she trains with her sister on practice dummies. Bole almost won a sparring match but after a somewhat foul play on Disu's part he lost, perhaps more than the match. Disu's tree is a mix of Paraprodoskian and Alliteration.

Spoiler – Disu's Skill Tree

Bole: The clown of the bunch, an optimistic sort though with a possible anger management problem. He's been known to succumb to a blind rage now and then. He has a scar on his face, got nicked by the bandit who killed the story teller Nep. And of course he has a hobby of cartography, quite odd, actually. His tree involves Hyperbole.

Spoiler – Bole's Skill Tree

Ling: Metoh's adopted sister, of a difference species. Nobody knows exactly what she is, Metoh's parents just sort of found her really, on the ground, nobody else in sight. She's grown up with humans just fine and fits right in, except for her long ears that is. Her role is that of healing within the hunting party. She's also keen on cooking, though Metoh would of died long ago if he was the chef in the house. Her tree involves Antithesis, Aposiopesis, and Hysteron Proteron.

Spoiler – Ling's Skill Tree

How Skills work: Each character has unique skills. Only that character has access to these skills and all "Words" must be bought with Ink Wells, which are given anytime any character levels up. Only Character Skills are gotten for free as the character levels up. Every character's skill tree is built into an actual map and each one has a unique twist to it. Metoh's Irony for example allows you to go all the way left and end up on the right side of the tree, allowing you to avoid some skills if you'd prefer not to have them. How you play is purely up to you, due to the fact that Ink Wells are universal across all character. This means that if Ling levels up, you can use that Ink Well for a skill in any other characters tree. If you don't like a character's skill tree, don't use it!

Imagery and Praeteritio (a feigned death for rhetorical effect) count as Words as well and must be bought with Ink Wells as well. Every character each has their own element with their Imagery, along with their own unique death skill (not all characters have their own unique death skill yet, who knows, they might not get one).

About Praeteritio: Death skills activate only when used and when the user dies. However, if the user is the last one in the party, the skill will not be used, and you will receive a game over. There is no safety net in combat.

The Combat: It's standard VX fare with scripts to add depth plus unique eventing (from myself) to add more variety in how you win/lose/do nothing. Each character plays slightly differently and some skills cross together with other characters. It's like getting four turn based games in one.

Additional Features:

*Choices with consequences. Your choices are not limited solely to choice boxes either. Do you have Bole or Disu join your party first? Depending on just that, the conversation branches or has additional dialogue. Many things in the game that you wouldn't think are being recorded are, and they will be mentioned in dialogue along with their respective consequences. For example, in the opening of the game you play tag with Ling (as kids), if you win/lose, the game will record this, and mention it later on.

*Replay value. As expected with the above feature.

*Upgradable camp system. Your party lives in a camp which you can upgrade using your hard earned money. Buy new bedding, gardens, a radio, and more. Each upgrade offers a tangible reward. The garden will have a minor farming system, by no means will it be a big garden.

*Tons of characterization. From every dialogue you'll be granted new information about the characters in your party. Or you'll see their personality shine through. They're multidimensional, their own tastes for food, their wet dreams, and their memories of the past are all present.

*Teach your characters certain musical instruments (for now just an ocarina) as an alternative to buffing your character using Words. Instruments take time to learn but cost no WP (words power) to use.

*Words now has a stealth system! Don't worry, it's not an "always on" kind of thing. You will be notified via plot dialogue when the system is on or off. Also note that you will not insta-lose if you are caught. You will either be taken to "jail", engage in combat, or encounter various other effects (based on the scenario).

The stealth system features 100% original "I got you" lines from each and every guard that can spot you. You might even get a way out of being caught occasionally or encounter little Easter eggs or little tid bits. For now you'll fight a bandit each time you're caught. You will be able to escape these fights, or not, it depends on the situation. Regarding the bandit cave you can first experience the stealth system you can escape and will teleport either outside the cave or back where you entered the map depending how far you are along in the cave.

Awesome, right? ^_^


Spoiler – Screenshots

The Music: All songs are made by me in a free browser program called Myna, feel free to use it yourself as it's free, like I said.

Title - http://www.aviary.com/artists/Cleril/creat…hub-travel-town



Status Screen 1 - http://www.aviary.co…ations/me_end_1

Likely travel music - http://www.aviary.co…ations/prologue

First Fight Song - http://www.aviary.com/artists/Cleril/creat…ked_man_(first)

Original title turned into a town theme - http://www.aviary.co…ons/words_title







Please note that these are just a small sample of songs in the game. If you wish to hear more, download the game, when it becomes available that is.


Redyugi's Level Up Effects

YEM Core Fixes and Upgrades

YERD Battle Screen Redux

YERD Shop Scene Redux

YERD Shop Discounts

BigEd Ladder Fix

BulletXt Light Effects

Shanghai Common Event Death

BigEd781 Memorize Event Position

Rei Explosion Blur Effect

Rei Limited vision

Wortana Smooth Scrolling

XIV's Ultimate Timer Lite

Leongon Basic Passive Skills of Awesome

Kylock Fade Battle End ME

COTUS Counterattack

Wortana Battle Retry

Rafidelis Transitions

cmpsr2000 Stealth System

Graphical Credits

http://foryou.opal.ne.jp/sfog/material.html#material - Emotional face sets

http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=13141 - Avadan for various sprites with faces

Lunarea for radio sprite graphics.

http://vxresource.wordpress.com/cate…rces/battlers/ - Various battlers and other objects.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4vbyt9l1n04assu
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