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November 11th, 2011, 03:11
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
the "core" wont change..
.. and man, is the core terrible.
Iīd wager the UI isnīt very good on consoles to begin with, but after an hour of playing, I think the PC iteration may just be the worst UI Iīve experienced in the last 10 years, at least .
Inconsistent, imprecise, clickety and, most markedly, rabidly anti-mouse.
And the major flaws seem to be of hard coded nature, I doubt mods will be able to do much about it, unless Bethesda patches all the hilarity out.
Not that I canīt cope with it if the game is otherwise good, but I certainly didnīt expect it to be this bad.
Speaking of anti-mouse, even after some fiddling with the ini, I still wasnīt able to come to satisfying level of sensitivity/responsiveness, vertical axis seems to be particularly fucked in this regard.

While Iīm at listing more-or-less major flaws, journal is indeed useless.
Miscellaneous quest: have a talk with this guy (period).
Not only markers are absolutely necessary in such case, but since the entry doesnīt even mention who the guy is and why should I talk with him, I can see side questing becoming a real clusterfuck fast. Main quest entries arenīt much better either.

Aaaand, a mandatory screenshot taken after Iīve set everything on ultra (interestingly enough, further tweaking was necessary because for some reason the "ultra" preset left some stuff on medium, etc.):

No complaints otherwise so far, the game looks and sounds mostly great, combat seems somewhat improved (I like the changes to fatigue mechanics, for example), Iīm glad to see some interactive Gothic-y features were implemented (crafting, mining ore), I like the gameīs overall "vibe", loading times are fast, performance is good (other than the mouse sensitivity issue).

Particularly due the UI issue, the game definitely hasnīt made entirely positive initial impressions.
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