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November 11th, 2011, 10:38
So far excellent game. Got up at midnight to play for a few minutes to see what it was like … and its now 3:35 am

Awesome game. My only beef is the controls are very poorly mapped to the PC. Just one example is the favorites. The default mapped key is Q. If you change it to your own mapped key it only works to bring up favorites … if you hit the key again it doesn't close the favorites menu. To do that you still have to hit Q. On the other hand the default opens/closes fine. I always remap keys to the right side of my keyboard to be close to my mouse hand. Anyhow will see if there is something I can do with the configuration file.

Other than that one issue (and the desire to be able to rotate the camera while combat ready … as you can only rotate camera with weapons/spells sheathed … but a mod will release the camera I am sure) really liking it.

Three screenshots of my first tutorial guy. I usually make the first one to play just long enough to get the feel for the game. I am pretty happy with this guy - the only thing I need to do is make his mouth just a little bigger.

Got the settings on Ultra for now and screenshots don't really do it justice. Below are some samples. 1920 x 1080

Really enjoyed the opening start to the game. Water is the best I have seen in a game and the sounds … just fantastic environmental sounds. Really helped to immerse you in the game.

I can strongly see a console feel for the controls but think I just need to get use to it. Hoping osme mods will help with key mapping and camera freedom. As far as graphics on the PC … I don't have a single complaint. Content … well I only have 3 1/2 hours so what can I say there :-) Lets just say playing, examining, talking, exploring, and getting a feel for the game took me 3.5 hours from the begining intro, character design to leaving the starter area.
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