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November 11th, 2011, 11:47
Yeah, but the actual story of this adventure/module was written by someone else …

It's up to the gamemaster to develop the story on the table … It could be either a combat-heavy thing or a different thing …

In in that time, Dungeon-Crawiling was King ! - There basically didn't exist any other form of so-called "role-playing" than just dungeon crawling !

You can see it even in the Eyes Of The Beholder Trilogy : This is simply dungeon crawling. The departtures to the surace came later, and were relatively few. Stonekeep follows this line and the first Lands Of Lore game also had it.

This kind of story(telling) appears to us as dull nowadays, because we, role-playing and story-telling ave evolved !

Originally Posted by bloodlover View Post
Meh I got the Ultimate Dungeons and Dragons boxset this year. Still missing Planescape: Torment though. However if you look on Amazon it's… 500$ and I got it for 25$ ^_^

edit: This is the link. Hope I'm allowed to post it.

Uh, 500 Dollars is a little bit much, isn't it ?

Who invents these … "moon-prices" ?
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