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November 11th, 2011, 14:13
Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
Care to elaborate more about ArcheAge? never heard of this game before and brief glance makes it looks like another Korean MMO.

Currently I am not playing any MMO because bored of everything out there now. So keen to know why this interest you.
It would take too long to explain… I recommend you go to MMORPG and read up on it.

It's a hugely ambitious MMO with a lot of the features I've been dying to see in the genre, coupled with serious production values and the mainstream appeal required to "make it big".

It's a hybrid MMO which is both themepark and sandbox in nature, with an unprecedented freedom given to players to shape the world, and create anything from furniture to ships and towns.

It also runs on the latest CryEngine - which means it has the potential to look very good.

It's in "closed beta 4" at the moment, which is supposed to be the last beta before the launch in asia. It remains to be seen when - if ever - it will be released in the US - but it's been designed to appeal to the western market as well as the asian one.




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