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November 12th, 2011, 02:49
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
Or even better wait for the new Nvidia Cards that ought to be around the corner.
Well, that depends on one's definition of "around the corner". As far as nVidia is concerned, a company rep said that they will be launching mass production of Kepler by the end of this year but that actual cards based on Kepler won't start shipping before 2012.
Rumors are that ATI will be doing a bottom to top release of their new generation, i.e. there will first be low budget to mid-range cards and the high end parts will follow later. nVidia might be planing on doing the same because there are still some issues with the new 28nm process at TSMC where both ATI and nVidia are having their chips made. Seems like there are the usual yield issues as there always are when a new production process is introduced. Naturally it is less painful and cheaper for ATI and nVidia if TSMC needs to trash the low/mid level parts than if they needed to trash the expensive high end goodies.

So all in all it may very well be that high end Kepler cards will not be available that soon. My uneducated personal guess would be that we won't be seeing high end Kepler cards (680/670 GTX) before March/April. Or at least in volume and somewhat reasonably priced. Maybe there will be limited supply earlier in 2012 already but as usual even if there were then those cards should be very hard to get and they'll be hopelessly overpriced.
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