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November 12th, 2011, 16:27
With all this talk of horrible UI I decided to just play it with my 360 controller. It takes a while to get used to how god awful the turning rate is, but I like it well enough. I tried turning the speed up, but then it's too fast. One advantage of using the gamepad is that I get to kick back on my sofa and play. Yes, I have a sofa in my computer room. There was no other place to put it since we bought the new one. Now I'm glad we didn't have room anywhere else.

How people play FPS with this stupid thing is beyond me. It's ok for this game because I don't really need pinpoint accuracy for my spells. Bows are a little difficult, but not that bad and I don't use them that much. I prefer a healing/flame combo. Blast the hell out of them with one hand and heal me up when I run away with the other. I'm loving this dual wielding spell mechanic.

Great game so far. A little buggy though. For example:
Spoiler – Early Level Dungeon Spoiler

Once there are a few mods for the inventory I'll stop using the gamepad, but until then it's gamepad only for me.
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