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November 12th, 2011, 22:22
The reviewer did make the same mistake I made, and many others, as this quote isn't entirely correct:

After rebinding the hotkey for the Favorites menu to "F" and the auto-walk key to "Q", I found that Favorites menu didn't want to open anymore. Curious, I pulled up my inventory and tried assigning some items to the Favorites - only it didn't work……Turns out, the "F" key is holy ground - because it controls the assigning of items to the Favorites menu, rebinding it to perform another function during regular gameplay, even a related function, makes it impossible to assign items and spells to it.
That statement is not true. The problem is that if you rebind a key that is *shared* then you need to use the same key for the shared functionality. What makes it confusing is that the in-game help text that displays the key to use does not update.

So if you map POV to be the HOME key (versus the default F key) and then go to assign favorites with the F key … it won't work as the F key is now HOME. So you then have to assign favorites using the HOME key and it will work. Took me two days to figure that out and only because someone posted about it on the forums.

Also there are some keys that don't map like this. For example if you map Ready/Sheath from R to INSERT then you can use INSERT to ready as well as drop items in inventory. BUT if you are looting and try to use INSERT to "take all" it won't … you still have to use R (at least from what I have found so far).

So yea the default mapping works great if people don't have a need to remap keys. But if you want to remap then its very poorly done and not well implemented or tested.

No idea how that got through Q&A. However the developers said they would work on it for the next patch.
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