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November 13th, 2011, 00:05
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Here everyone take a look at this:

Click Here
There's nothing in that link that you shouldn't already know if your buying a steamworks game. What he doesn't mention is it also says to read steams subscriber agreement before opening the game and if you don't agree with it return it.

You can absolutely have shortcuts to all your steam games on your desktop if you want. It's obvious this poster knows nothing about steam and just makes assumptions before researching it. If your buying a steam game then you have this thing called the internet use it to learn about things you don't understand then decide if you want to use them.

He wants to get rid of steam, great but he offers no other solutions. There will be drm and to me steam is an ok compromise. Plus it's pretty convenient. I have never noticed any performance hit with steam and would not consider it bloatware. I ran the gog version of the witcher and steams and came up with frame rates that were within 1-2 frames of each other with steam being faster sometimes and gog on others. I was playing the same areas using fraps so it wasn't 100% accurate i'm sure but no noticeable difference.

I would love for all games to be released with out drm, but lets face it there are a lot of thieving bastards out there. Just be glad its not like batman aa where you had to use steam and gwl if you purchased through steam. Now there's a pain. So if any of the really smart people out there that want to get rid of steam, drm, this, that and the other thing actually come up with a solution then patent it and get rich, otherwise just enjoy the games……..or not.
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