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November 13th, 2011, 20:01
Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
I'm sorry but I have to agree with the poster on this. I just bought Skyrim and was very annoyed that I was being blackmailed into installing Steam on my computer - if I wanted to play Skyrim. Didn't see anything on the box about having to join steam in order to play skyrim. Yeah I considered taking the dam thing back to the store, but thats the beauty of the blackmail scheme isn't it? I admit I don't know alot about Steam because I don't play online games. And thats fine with me I don't want to play online. I want to install the game from the disk I purchased and play it at my leisure. Forcing me to install Steam is just blackmail after I already paid for the game. It should damn well be illegal to do what they are doing. Any class action lawyers out there looking to make a buck? I thought I was buying another game from Bethesda, but it is now obvious that I really bought a game from whomever these steam blackmailers are.
*The game doesn't even install a link to skyrim, it installed a shortcut to steam. *Sorry but thats not what I bought. *I just wanted to "activate" the game not join steams online community. *what backhanded crap this is.

I look forward to being able to play Skyrim without Steam and will promptly remove it from my computer first opportunity I get.

I can understand your frustration having steam forced on you. I hated steam when it was forced on me a while back. That was before I used it And knew what it was. It really does work well and does not affect performance. You can create shortcuts to all your games and not even open the client if you don't want, although it will run in the background. I play 0 multi-player games it's not about that it's about game distribution.

Steam has really won me over. I still buy boxed games but install them to steam if supported. Not having to use disc's, automatic updates and killer deals especially during the holidays has really changed my mind about steam.

I almost forgot the best steam feature imo. I reinstall my os every 6mo. I keep steam on a seperate ssd. After I re-install I just delete everything in my steam folder except steamapps and steam.exe. Then run steam.exe and poof all 40 of my steam games re-installed with saves intact.
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