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Default stockholm syndrome

November 13th, 2011, 22:48
So sorry for your stockholm syndrome Sacichop. If you're now a happy victim, then thats great for you. However, some of us will not ever come to love our captors. You readily admit it was forced on you, but you have come to love it. That's kind of pathetic, but whatever.

None of what you said about why you've come to love it makes any difference to someone who simply doesn't want it. Didn't agree to buy it, or install it, much less use it. I don't like it being forced on me. But not to worry I suppose. The game does work in offline mode and I've disabled that online community crap as well. Although it will probably turn back on, on it's own sometime. So I think I'll take a few more steps to block its internet access via my firewall as well. In the meantime I'll play the game and wait for the inevitable steam workaround I"m sure is in the works.

You know, Microsoft got sued and lost for just this sort of thing.
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