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November 14th, 2011, 03:00
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
ok rat, thanks to you and this quote, for the first time I am actually interested in this game.

with Morrowind and Oblivion they forgot to make an interesting game. If we have something here that's actually enjoyable while you play it then it might be worth taking a look at.
Glad to be of service. I would highly recommend playing as a mage. The magic system is redone and duel wielding spells is a blast. It didn't sound that fun when reading about it, but I was wrong. I got so many different combos of spells I use that I need more hotkeys. Lots and lots of hotkeys!!!

My favorite combo for when I'm about to die is to have healing in one hand and flame in the other. I'll back away and hope I can kill it before I get killed. That doesn't always work though. I encountered a high level sabercat (I guess it was high level because the dang thing kept wiping the floor with me) on my way up to learn about the shouts. I had to get by him with of stealth, weakness to fire poison on my bow, flamedarts, ancestors trait (anything that comes near me burns) and summon familiar. I'd sneak as close as I could get to summon my familiar. It would take out my familiar in a few swings, but while it was busy with the familiar I'd shoot it with an arrow to make it weak against fire, summon another familiar, use ancestors trait and then blast the heck out with flamedart. That finally worked. I tried out different strategies before that and got killed every time. I tried shooting it with the bow first, but that just made him angry. I had to give him something other than me to take his aggression out on

That was the toughest fight I've had so far, including dragons. In that fight I didn't have my companion because she dropped off the face of the cliff or something (she always reappears later).

The companion is making the game a little too easy. She has a ton of health and hardly ever runs away. I know without her I wouldn't have been able to take on some trolls and would have had to come back to kill them later when I was more powerful. Right now I give her my best two handed weapon, but I'm thinking I should just give her a bow so that she stays out of melee and doesn't ruin the game for me. If I didn't need a packmule I would have gotten rid of her a long time ago.

The perk system is interesting as well and not as silly as I first thought. My leveling up has slowed way the heck down now that my skill levels are getting into the late 20s early 30s (with the exception of Destruction which is 39). I'm only level 16 and have played at least 24 hours. The cool thing is that I'm still encountering low level enemies as well as high leveled ones. Like that sabercat battle I just described well after that I just encountered a few wolves and a low level icetroll (I'm guessing he's lowlevel because I burnt him to a crisp relatively quickly).
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