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November 14th, 2011, 17:07
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
The falling snow is really nice, and the winds. Phenomenal. The actual snow and ice textures though, wow, those looks like 128x128 textures or something, really awful.

Has anyone seen that procedural / dynamic snow they were talking about, which was supposed to melt and actually attach to the surroundings?

I always thought it sounded exaggerated when they bragged about that feature + the fact they never showed it. Havent really been in the snowy areas much yet and when i've been in those areas i havent seen it.
I think I saw it in one place and it looked, well, off. I live in a snowy place and the snow on the ground looked just weird. It was snowing and the ground looked like it had some sort of crusty white thing floating on it. Hard to describe.

The pre-done snowy places look OK and the snow blowing off the cliffs and such looks awesome.
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