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November 14th, 2011, 19:48
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
So is the game still unfocussed like Morrowind/Oblivion then or is it a challenge to get to the next step in the objective in the game like Wizardry 8.

I may be responding to the wrong Count about this.

I'm not a fan of fast travel between cities either until it becomes largely tedius - especially later in the game. Often a good price for fast travel or an item like a travel gem or horse is the trick but its not something that should just be handed to the player IMO.
If you want a more RP friendly fast travel, you can use the carriage travel network that will take you to any of the capitals of the nine Holds for a fee.

Not exactly sure what you mean by unfocused. It's an open world sandbox game, so naturally it's up to you to decide what you want to do next.

The main quest, faction questlines, even the smaller sidequests, as well as the NPCs, are a lot more engaging than previous TES games IMO. So there is a more compelling reason to complete quests. Also once you learn your first dragon shout, you will certainly want to progress in order to learn more.

Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
Prior to the release of Skyrim, I thought I read somewhere or saw a video that stated that as you explore the world, the 'cloudiness' of the map dissipates. Can anyone who has played a lot of Skyrim confirm?
It's a bit similar to the fog of war in Civ 5. As you explore more areas, you are able to see the corresponding terrain features on the map better.
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