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November 15th, 2011, 02:32
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Without a doubt there are some VERY predictable Bethesda fanbois/paid for propagandists here. Skyrim is NOT the best thing since sliced bread. But I have to say its the most engaging game I've played all year. Hours fly by uaccounted for, and I am missing sleep over it.
Well, I am not a Bethesda Fanboy/paid for propagandists and I love this game. BTW, who the hell is the paid for propagandist? Being a little paranoid don't you think?

In any case, I hated Daggerfall and Oblivion with a passion. Daggerfall because it was so boring and Oblivion because it was dumbing down almost everything in TES to make it more playable for the masses. I even hated the fact they took my spears away, but this one. This is different. The NPCs are interesting. The world is FULL of things to do, the leveling up system has slowed way the heck down and the magic system is a lot of fun.

Next best thing to slice bread? I don't know or care if it is. All I know is that Skyrim is interesting, fun and I'll be playing it for a long time and then again with mods after I've completed it.

I hated Bethesda, but now……not so sure. First they helped create New Vegas and now Skyrim. There may be hope for them yet.
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