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November 15th, 2011, 16:45
I had a lot of the same feelings as the author. Though I had been playing Ultima since III, and played both the WoU spin offs, I think VII was what really cemented it to me as THE rpg series. It's funny that he mentions that even though he encountered some game stopping bugs, it didn't deter his love for it. I had the same thing. The point where you had to use the telescope would lock up my dad's 386. I would have to pull the plug to reboot the computer. Origin sent me replacement discs that fixed some bugs, but this one still happened.

Yet I still loved the game and when I went to college the next Fall and got a 486 SX 25 (thank you Dell Factory Outlet!) using literally ALL of my savings, the first thing I did was load up Ultima VII and see if the bug reoccurred, an it didn't! That game was about 50% responsible for going from taking 4 classes and having 3 A's and one B+ after 1/3 of the term to finishing with two B's, a C, and a D! (The other 50% being my ex-girlfriend dumping me, which probably made me sink even farther into U7!)

Ahh, good times!

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