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November 15th, 2011, 19:29
Originally Posted by zaldron View Post

Its common knowledge that steam games are not crackable due to core files being left out until the release date, HOWEVER, steam made the game available for preload the day before which allowed the cracking to take place. You dont need a link to prove that, just open your eyes. Also, while being correct that most teens these days do not have the money for the crazy prices they charge people for games, any computer savvy teen knows ways around this(see point 1)
I realize that pre-loading occurred beforehand, but I would have figured that the pre-loading would have left out the required files (also left off retail discs) until after the unlocking time. That is the entire reason Bethesda opted for Steamworks to begin with, isn't it?

Computer savvy teens that pirate games was not really the point. The poster I was responding to was suggesting that Steam sales for the game were largely successful because the target audience is teens that don't care if they are getting a good deal. My point was that teens are likely not the typical Steam users anyway.
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