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November 15th, 2011, 20:15
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
AFTER the Steam release in Australia, where it was unlocked very very early. Get your facts together, or you'll appear foolish in the eyes of others. Yes, there is day 1 piracy. It's a Steamworks game, once it's in the wild, it'll be cracked instantly. Steam does fully 100% prevent pre-release piracy though. There's never been a way around it. Skyrim was not pirated before its release.
My point was that it didn't stop "gotta have it now" peeps who just cannot wait for the game from torrenting it a day before release.

Steam isn't a very good DRM, but it is marvelous for controlling your customers.
When you buy a game that requires steam you don't buy a game, you rent a game.
For full price.
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