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November 16th, 2011, 00:41
Originally Posted by Jack View Post
My point was that it didn't stop "gotta have it now" peeps who just cannot wait for the game from torrenting it a day before release.

Steam isn't a very good DRM, but it is marvelous for controlling your customers.
When you buy a game that requires steam you don't buy a game, you rent a game.
For full price.
You don't own most software you buy read the eula's. You don't own windows but i assume your not posting here or playing skyrim on linux. At least with steam there are no limits to # of installs, I can play my games from any computer. which is better than a lot of software. Would I like to own all my software like on gog? sure, but that's not the world we live in. So unless you can find a way to convince eveyone to stop stealing then we are going to have drm.

Dev's know drm does not prevent piracy. They use it to deter people from pirating. People that pirate software on a regular basis are going to pirate. but if you can make it hard enough then there are people who will just say it's to much hassle i'll just buy the game.

Just look at it this way if you worked 40 hours a week and people stole 10 of those hours would you be fine with that? If someone offered you drm to deter some people from stealing some of those hours would you do that? So now maybe your getting 35 hrs instead of 30. Or would you say no we can't stop everyone from stealing so we will do nothing about it. I'll be fine with my 30 hours and hope people don't start taking more.

The fact is companies have to do something. We can debate on what that is but they can't sit back and do nothing.
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