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November 16th, 2011, 02:09
It is actually fantastic DRM. Pre-release piracy prevention is significantly more important to publishers than a crack post-release. Steamworks completely prevents pre-release cracked copies from being out there. They know they can't stop it all and this is the next best thing. I can see why they do it.

Steam is also useful for the end user. I hated the clutter of being a nerd. I hated my boxes and shelves of CD's and DVD's and my drawer of code wheels and blue on purple sheets of codes and manuals with goofy pictures in the corner. I didn't need a shrine to every game box I've ever bought, the game is what I wanted, not the packaging. Collectibles are cool, I still love cloth maps, but most of it was just garbage that made me feel like a hoarder. Having everything online, always available, always up to date and ready to access is pretty awesome. It's like the future! But right now!
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