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November 16th, 2011, 02:09
The article brought tears to my eyes. Reminded me of why this is my favorite RPG.

I haven't really gone back to seriously replay it though (though I have made some progress in Serpent Isle, which I never completed due to one of those game-stopping bugs people keep talking about…). Part of me wonders if it's because of a subconscious fear that, on a replay, I'll discover that it's not really as good as I remember and it will cease to be my favorite or something. I know it has some horrendous flaws. Games with great ambition frequently do.

Amusingly, as one commenter notes, Ultima VII in some ways does exactly the opposite of what I love about old-school RPGs. But I loved it anyway for the world and story. This is why I don't get too religious about my preferences for RPGs. Modern, old-school, action, turn-based, Western, JRPG-style… I do have some preferences, but a great game will win me over no matter what.
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