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November 16th, 2011, 02:35
Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Skyrim was played by pirates 11/10/11.
Sure, after it was released in Australia. What was your point, again?

That's because of the target audience is teens who doesn't care if they are striking a bad deal. The same people who buy day one dlc and hats in TF2.
Well, this bit is chock-full of facts and carefully constructed arguments. I don't know what a TF2 hat is but your point seems to be that Skyrim is aimed at teens who buy those hats? But your friend in the next post says:

….most teens these days do not have the money for the crazy prices they charge people for games…
So somehow the teens who can't afford games are driving huge sales of Skyrim? OK, got it.

Data mining in other words.
Sure, "data mining" - we'll use your words. Now, what is your point?

Especially since it makes second hand purchases impossible.
Hey, now you're making arguments on my side. Stop it!

Originally Posted by zaldron View Post
Hahahaha Owned.
Hahahaha. Not. Keep up with the arguments.

Jack, you seem to be confused about the your original question. Every single one of your "points" above are answers to "the reasons I don't like Steam".

That's not what I responded to. I responded to your original "riddle", which said:

Riddle me this: if the copy protection doesn't stop people from pirating it, what is it good for?
Which I answered. Please put together a cogent point before posting about one thing and then trying to be smartass by responding with a completely different issue.
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