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November 16th, 2011, 03:48
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
Well, first of all you might want to quote the venerable Mr. Howard correctly before assaulting him for stating something that he certainly knows a lot better than you . He said "90%", not "95%".
Secondly, I don't see any reason why not to trust him on that number. You can find comparable numbers from other publishers like UbiSoft whose sales by platform showed numbers of between 7% to 11% in financial statements.
I'm sure for many games the PC version is 10% of less of the market share, even with digital sales factored in. That's not the case with The Elder Scrolls though, so he was talking out of his ass.

On day one we have at least 20% of the sales and since the PC has a longer tail who knows what it will be by the end of it.
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