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November 16th, 2011, 13:35
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
I don't agree at all. I replay old games all the time and love it. I can't you how many times I've replayed old games like Starflight or Pool of Radiance.

The best part of going back is that you can pick and choose the best out of the bunch. No wasting your time on throw away games that were fun for awhile, but in the end they weren't that memorable.
For me, there is definitely a threshold. I played through Ultima IV years back and enjoyed it, but certainly not to the level I did as a kid, where as replaying BG1&2 I enjoyed every bit as much each time I play them as I did the first time I picked them up.

I recently replayed U6. I'm to the point where I only need one map piece. It's been fun, but I kind of lost interest. I'll probably pick it up again though. I've tried playing Ultima 7 a couple times and I have found it a bit difficult to get back into. I think part of it is the way the graphics look on my PC. I can't stand it being in a 320x240 window (though it looks best like that), but blowing it up, even with using the multipliers that smooth things out, it looks kind of bad. I think I just need to set aside about 4 or 5 hours one day and I'll end up getting sucked back in.

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