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November 16th, 2011, 21:54
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I agree with DoctorNarrative. Exploration has never been the strong point of Bioware games. Even with adding highlight button in Baldur's Gate 2 they saved us from pixel hunting. But overall, their statements about Dragon Age 3 so far show they're on the right path. Dragon Age 2 is indeed a waste of potential. It really features interesting characters, plot and side stories, but terrible repetitive of places and corridor feeling really it's huge flaw. I don't know whether it stems from their laziness or short development time but I'm now at the end of Act 3, I'm going to puke at screen because of seeing same places over and over again. At least playing DLCs reduces this feeling. Only reason I'm still playing the game is the story.

It seems Bioware developers learned something from Witcher 2 and Skyrim. For they aim meaningful choices&consequences (Witcher 2) and much exploration (Skyrim). If they can also provide different, interesting locations as well as protecting their strong story telling aspect, I'm sure they can win back their old fans.

I have hope for Dragon Age 3. Game companies may take their lessons from their mistakes, like Bethesda did from Oblivion's mistakes.
Bio was saying all the right things during early DA2 production, as well. Then (I guess) EA told them that blood and awesome buttons would appeal to a wider audience, so they started changing their story. It began with Rob Zombie-featured background music in advertising and went downhill from there.

It's not BioWare I distrust, it's EA.
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