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November 17th, 2011, 03:39
Originally Posted by Jack View Post
My biggest gripe with steam is that it's always mandatory and used as a means to control the customers. What if I simply do not want to use steam? That means I won't buy the game because there isn't an option to play the game without it (not resorting to piracy that is).
If there's more than a disc-check and a serial key I won't buy it.

I know that using steam is beneficial for devs, but let's not pretend that it is meant to provide a better experience for customers since they would have made it optional in that case.

Steam stopped me from buying New Vegas. I wanted to support obsidian, but not steam. Which meant I didn't buy the game, instead I pirated it.
As a pirate I got a better user experience than I would have had if I bought the game.
I could play it offline at anytime without activation, hassle free without providing gaben with data about my playthroughs. I didn't need to install anything beyond the game and didn't pay a cent.

As a consumer I have no reason to buy the game instead of downloading it illegally. Instead of punishing customers I believe companies should reward buyers. How is that stupid?
If you buy the game somewhere other than Steam it does not support Steam in any way, only Bethesda and Obsidian and the store you bought it at. Steamworks is free to developers and Valve only get a cut of actual Steam sales.

So you should have bought the game elsewhere, then played the pirated version. I have no issue with supporting the game and then cracking it or pirating it for a better game experience or to backup your purchase. Outright piracy because you don't like Steam though? That's just being an entitled brat, honestly. Even if it was a case of not wanting to support the game at all, like me and Diablo 3, then you can just not buy AND not play it. You're not entitled to play the game no matter what.
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