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November 17th, 2011, 13:16
Well, I gave in an installed it last night as actually have an hour to myself for once!

I started with the config file you posted before Thrasher, but had some problems, then found this link http://bootstrike.com/Ultima/Online/u7dosbox.php. Worked very well for the most part.

I can definitely see the combat issues and such without even leaving Trinsic though! Of course combat never interested me much anyway, so no problem there. I did notice a couple things that stood in difference from my last attempt through using Exult:

1) The animations and controls when walking seem clunkier than I remember with Exult. For instance, if I am pressing the left arrow then press the down arrow and hold it, the character will turn south, but not actually walk. I have to release the down arrow and press it again.

2) The earthquake that occurs at the beginning didn't seem to animate properly. The characters all fell over, but the whole world screen didn't move.

3) The mouse doesn't seem to work for walking. I seem to remember being able to hold down the left button and move forward with it.

I think tonight or tomorrow I'm going to run Exult and really compare them. Only thing is that apparently there are some massive bugs with the newest version and they aren't even sure how far those bugs go back. Not sure what to do.

Also, I wish dosbox would actually incorporate a 4x scaler. Seems like it has been asked for for years, but never been done.

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