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November 17th, 2011, 16:05
What's funny is that the bucket-head video is that the whole ability to do that is a symptom of their attempts to improve the stealth mechanics and perform realistic line of sight tests for NPCs as well as have obstructions reduce the range at which you can be heard. Though if Bethesda's attempts at improving aspects of their games tend to result in hilarious glitches like this then I hope they introduce more such improvements in future installements.

Dramatically improved boss-fight ai governed mechanics and combat? I see that causing the main boss of their next game to, upon realizing the player has acquired the "kill the boss" item or power, to run like hell and hide in the nearest friendly inhabited area. It would then utilize the dynamic NPC interaction system to befriend and ally with as many normally player-friendly factions as possible - effectively daring the player to turn all of them hostile if they wanted to finish the game.

You know what will happen if they put crossbows back in right? They'll be overzealous on the firing physics and animation and slight defects in the modelling or bold trajectory will cause the bolt to pinball out of the crossbow straight upward into the firing npc's jaw.
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