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November 17th, 2011, 19:46
Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
This is something I've really enjoyed having recently played Risen, G1, and now currently G2.

More often than not, many times it's worth returning to places you've already covered as things change. NPCs frequently will have dialog recognizing quests you've progressed and solved - oftentimes even giving a little extra experience beyond the experience you get completing the quest itself. It is a nice touch and makes their games and endless search for Easter Eggs.
I have also enjoyed re-visiting previous locations in Gothic 3 and indeed it was rewarding. For Risen 2, my only grumble is that the graphics look a bit cartoony for my taste and it does not seem to take itself seriously (from the character models).

By the way, thank you for your 'player review' on two worlds 2 - very concise and captures the important aspects of the game for me as a player (decided not to buy in the end - better rpgs are coming next year or until the price of the game reduces significantly).
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