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November 17th, 2011, 21:13
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
The NPC has no awareness that its vision is being artificially obstructed by a bucket. That would be some tricky AI behavior to code!
Or just script it so that the PC waving objects in the vicinity of their face causes them to move about a bit. They already have it scripted so if you stand still too close to an NPC for more than a few seconds they give you a weird look and backup. Have a similar detection and reaction for objects being moved in grab mode - except make it much more immediate.

Actually that particular behavior for standing too close might be something they should adjust - shorten the timer on ait nd change it to include "walking into" and not just "being the creepy dude on the subway". Since it ignores you if you're walking/running into them and they're in your way and only reacts if you're standing still up in their face, the action of frustratedly trying to walk through a follower who's blocking the doorway is currently counterproductive; they'll move out of the way faster if you just stand creepily close to their front. This NPC reaction is slightly different and involves different detection than the one for bowling people over while sprinting as it plays different, less annoyed, comments for it.

Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
No. Bugs are not OK. But some are certainly funnier than others!
Yeah I prefer giants playing guard-golf to game locations that mysteriously eat save games if you happened to do previous and sometimes unrelated quests in a particular order before entering them. Oh the joys of REPCONN and Vault 3.
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