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November 18th, 2011, 21:05
During that media attention I hope to god that the servers blow. The nerdrage will be glorious We need something to stop trend toward online singleplayer games.

I'll probably still buy the dang thing because my mom loves Diablo. It's one of the few games she'll play multiplayer. Arcanum and KOTOR are the other games she loves, but D2 was the only route to go for MP. Other than that she just loves her Big Fish Games *shiver* I have no clue as to why she likes those throw away fast food type of games.

Despite my feelings on this MP SP nonsense, I've got to hand it to Blizzard they did an excellent job with the multiplayer in D2. I'm in Taiwan and my mom's in America yet we almost never had any problems. The occasional connection drop, but that's it.
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