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November 18th, 2011, 23:06
Originally Posted by Twotricks View Post
What will be a reason to play another exactly the same game but inferior ?
When was it decided that Torchlight II is going to be inferior to Diablo 3? Neither of them have even been released yet, it's a little early to assign review scores ( unless you work for gamespot ). From the previews and feature lists I've seen so far, Torchlight II is a lot more likely to get my money than Diablo 3 is.

Besides, they should just ignore the timing of the release. I remember thinking Blizzard must have been pissed that Torchlight came out and it was as popular as it was "right before" Diablo 3 came out. That of course was years ago already and now we're talking about Torchlight II competing with it. I'd never hold off on a purchase of a competing game because I expect something from Blizzard to be coming out soon, that could leave you without a game to play for years.
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