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November 19th, 2011, 08:43
Fadec, I was responding to skave. Btw, I thought just like you until I tried the iPd. It feels so much better than the iPhone for longer games. Plus its just so sleek and revolutionary. Its like a gadget that is 15 years ahead of its time. Did you ever think you could surf the web, fill out resumes, and play Aquaria on a beatiful widescreen display all in one sitting at Starbucks? Not to mention watch a netflix movie, free tv, or read magazines like retro gamer that are interactive? All without having to carry extra peripherals or a mouse or a battery charger with you.

Personally since I got the iapad I stopped playing Wii games and almost stopped Pac games. They dont excite me anymore. How can you get exxited by costant sequels and reharshes in an industry that caters to teens? Im much more ezcited about indy ios games (like the recent announcement of capsized coming to iOS) than call of duty. Its just so mch more personal playing games n iapad and so many new experiences I never had with cosoles. Plus its so comfortable not having to swap discs, cds, peripherals, turning the tv or monitor on, etc.
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