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November 19th, 2011, 13:39
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Have you played Torchlight? That's when it was decided.

I never understood the attention Torchlight got. It's barely better than Fable and I hated that game. The game is repetitive even more so than most action-rpgs. I tried to like it and thought it might get better the farther down I got, but to me it never did get any better. It was the same thing over and over again. I'd rather play Sacred 1 &2.

I know these are the same guys that did Diablo, but they left all the Diablo magic out of this game and for some reason copied Fable. Odd choice considering Fable felt more like a game for children.
This is exactly how I feel about Fable and Torchlite. Could never get myself to like the repetitiveness in there. Played Fable for maybe 80% of the game (and there was really no difference between all those levels), because I was always hoping that something different might happen, but then simply stopped playing being bored to death.

Edit: Its Fate not Fable here and below…

Started the demo for Torchlite and stopped after one or two levels because it was exactly the same as Fable.

For me Diablo 2 has clearly more of a story than Fable or Torchlite.

So for me personally Diablo 3 is more promising than Torchlight 2, since I am more the Story type of player.

That said I believe that Torchlite 2 can be a "danger" to Diablo 3. Those people who like the repetive addicting gameplay without story (I can understand that despite not feeling it myself) and want to play a Singleplayer game of this type may get a better service from Torchlight 2 than from Diablo with its Multiplayer/Always Online tendencies.
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