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November 19th, 2011, 17:40
I'm forced to agree there. I really wanted to like Torchlight, I like the stylized graphics and I like Diablo style action RPGs. But at some point you realize that your just spamming the same attack over and over while drinking a potion anytime your health or mana dips. There isn't much variety and actual game play it's just overly simplistic and lacking in challenge. Torchlight II would need ALOT of improvements before it was even in the same realm as say Titan's Quest (which I also thought was worse then Diablo 2, though at least a solid try).

Now there will always be people who prefer the cute simplistic gameplay of Torchlight over something darker and more challenging and that's fine. And Torchlight 2 could be a huge improvement, there's certainly a lot to work with. So when the games finally come out there will probably be people who think that Torchlight 2 is a better quality game then Diablo 3 is. But in general I think Torchlight 2 has a lot more to fear from Diablo 3 then the other way around.

Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Have you played Torchlight? That's when it was decided.

I never understood the attention Torchlight got. It's barely better than Fable and I hated that game. The game is repetitive even more so than most action-rpgs. I tried to like it and thought it might get better the farther down I got, but to me it never did get any better. It was the same thing over and over again. I'd rather play Sacred 1 &2.

I know these are the same guys that did Diablo, but they left all the Diablo magic out of this game and for some reason copied Fable. Odd choice considering Fable felt more like a game for children.
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