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November 19th, 2011, 19:40
Well it's not like Diablo 2 was exactly rocket science. But it did at least require you to use different abilities and strategies for different situations. It wasn't deep by any stretch, but you had to sometimes hit and run or use abilities to kill certain enemies in the back or use mobility to lure enemies away. If you just always ran in and used the same tactic you would die.

In Torchlight though this was exactly what you did. My Destroyer had exactly one ability that he used. There was virtually never a reason to use anything other then that one ability. Fights were never complicated enough to require me to do anything except run up to the enemies one at a time and spam that ability until they were dead.

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Both games are very much "check your brain at the door before playing" games for me and I have to admit that I enjoy both "franchises" very much for that reason. Both are focused around getting great gear for your toons and, honestly, how is the core, bulk, gameplay any different? Use your best gear, spam a few different attacks/combos and swill potions like a drunken bard on Christmas Eve.

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