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November 21st, 2011, 20:18
Same here. They had all kinds of updates until their laptops were stolen with all the new PZ builds on them. They had some saved online, but a lot of it went missing. That's a whole other can of worms that I don't even want to go into.

I hope that in the next update they do something about that four-diagonal direction attacking as well and more crafting. Lots and lots of crafting. This game is just begging to have a robust crafting system.

The closest thing I found was this update about LOS and path-finding. Maybe they threw in the attacking directions as well:

Path-finding and line of sight are very ‘expensive’ (in coder terminology) if we’re having individually motivated NPCs. This expense is multiplied profoundly when you mix it in with the game’s potential for having hundreds of zombies shambling around the map – each of which needs a line of sight check with an NPC or the player. As such Lemmy’s task as of right now is to put pathfinding and vision onto the separate thread of multicore computers – meaning that a separate CPU can take on the processing burden. (This doesn’t mean owners of single core processors should worry, however, as the next job will be to organise processor timeshare more effectively.)
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