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November 22nd, 2011, 00:29
Originally Posted by basharran View Post
Your statement however that it's slow and eating memory are not correct in my experience.
Steam has come a long way from being a laggy, sluggish -pardon the pun- pile of STEAMing shit in the early days to an acceptable performer but it's still far from perfect.
I have caught Steam in the act a few times when I started my task manager to check on some thing or another and then found out it was using upwards of ~150MB of memory just sitting there, idling.
My guess is that is has to do with whatever ads they got on the front store page or maybe with bugs (= leaks) in the HTML/XML content. I have 8GB of memory so it doesn't really bother me but it still is kind of irritating and helps keep up the impression that Steam is far from the small, light, unintrusive client app that it should be.
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