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November 22nd, 2011, 02:27
When Morrowind first came out it could be simply run even if you didn't own an internet connection. Oblivion was the same and seeing as how its a single person game I can't see why it would need to have internet connection. Skyrim and fallout vegas both need internet connection through steam but there is still no multiplayer, so its just adding resources you're computer has to handle. On the question of piracy. How does punishing valid users justify anything but the companies interests. I know there are pirates out there and yes they supposedly cut in to profits but don't they also advertise freely and would they buy the game if it wasn't able to be pirated. I first began to despise steam when i brought f.e.a.r. 2 and it needed to download a 1gig patch on my mobile internet connection before I could play it. This took a couple of days to complete and by that time my weekend was over and I had to go back to work.

For anyone wanting to run skyrim without steam. It was possible until steam decided to update it by running tesv.exe. seems they have now infected that to. What does this mean. It means that the tesV.exe cannot be edited in any way, which in turn means that we won't be able to make a tool like the oblivion script extender for skyrim as steam exe's can't legally be tampered with.

steam is free to developers because it costs the people who buy the games with it. It doesn't cost directly. It costs because steam gets free advertisement statistics. Every time you play it counts how often you play and what you're doing in the game. This may seem like a great idea (after all game developers need to know how we use the game) its not. Its making there job way to easy and making all the games the same. They know what we like and play so they build a game for that sort of usage. When morrowind first came out it was new. It wasn't built from pre-read statistics of games already played because most games were linear.

Anyway i've ranted enough. I don't like using steam so why have they infected tesV.exe
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