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November 22nd, 2011, 13:10
Originally Posted by phase.verocity View Post
Skyrim and fallout vegas both need internet connection through steam but there is still no multiplayer, so its just adding resources you're computer has to handle.
Negligible resources that your computer will have spare because Skyrim doesn't need more than a couple of cores and gigs of RAM. (Skyrim's so light on resources and stable with task flipping that I routinely keep everything open in the background and alt-tab around).
On the question of piracy. How does punishing valid users justify anything but the companies interests. I know there are pirates out there and yes they supposedly cut in to profits but don't they also advertise freely and would they buy the game if it wasn't able to be pirated.
If only something like 4% of people pirating a game buy it, the revenue would double. So even if DRM doesn't affect 96% of pirates, it'd still be worth it.

Anyway i've ranted enough. I don't like using steam so why have they infected tesV.exe
Presumably because it was part of their agreement in getting Steam services from Valve (advertising, server bandwidth, content delivery platform etc.).
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