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November 26th, 2011, 15:42
My ranger can do a search; however, he is very limited in that, since I made the mistake of not putting enough points into his intelligence. I deeply regret that, especially since he cannot find hidden doors anymore (except in earlier "adventures"). In a few cases I could even see a writing "on" the wall (well, slightly behind it, in fact), but my character just couldn't find that BEEEEEP door …

Is there a way to export the character's stats like this ?

And, is there a way to see *all* of the checks in the chat window ? I'm very much interested in seeing detecting hidden doors checks …
And why a few levers (?) give me a message of "your wisdom is not high enough" or "your intelligence is not high enough", vice versa. This happens really, really rarely, but I did notice this a few times. Are there corresponding checks ?

And last - is there way to report minor bugs ? I have found a few translating issues …

There are a few things I still don't quite understand :

- I did The Lair Of Summoning two days ago. At one point, one must fight ice mephs, and there is a chest thre, too. I assume this should be available as a "bounty" for destroying them, but it jut doesn't get open. Do I need the ability to open mechanisms or so ?

- On the "beginner's island", there's the "Necromancer's Doom". What I don't understand is that you either get the possibility to rescue the maiden fair, or get the treasure, but not both. If I rescue her, I just cannot get to the chest. Is this intentional or a bug ?

This is what comes to my mind right now.

Edit : Do I have to create a new account for the forums if I want to go into he DDO forums ?
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