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November 26th, 2011, 17:40
I used a 3rd party tool called the DDO Character builder to make that, and many other, builds.

Lair of Summoning I think you need open lock to get that chest. It's optional actually, I usually skipped it.

You need to put every point into search, and carry a search item that boosts your skill as well. I even carry a +6 INT ring, as Search and disable are INT skills.

You can get the chest in Necromancer's Doom. There's three actually, one hidden, one hidden and with a tough for the level boss. The girl is the main objective, and you have to save her to complete the quest.

Some runes or levers require a minimum of one stat or another to open. This is to encourage grouping. You'll see that throughout the game, regardless of what you play.

There is a die roll that shows whenever you make a roll, for whatever reason. But other than that I don't know about making info show up in chat. Check your UI settings.
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